Wednesday W00t

So, I happen to be in love with
I would marry this website if I were available and it were legal.
THAT kind of love.

That being said – I am sufficiently addicted to shirts which can be found at
I own 3 Woot shirts (at the time of this post) and my kids have several more between them. Our collection is growing.

I was lucky enough to attend San Diego Comicon this year with the lovely Spellwight, Debbie Walker. While we were there, I kept saying to Debbie, “Look at all the Woot shirts.” Finally, she told me to start taking pictures of them. So I did. I’ve been collecting pictures of people wearing the shirts and am going to post them here. So, without further adieu or description, here is the first shirt:

This is Wil Wheaton wearing the Woot shirt titled @-@. I choose this as my first shirt to feature because not only do I own it, but it’s currently my all time favorite Woot Shirt and, it’s the one I get the most comments on when I wear it out in public.