Naked Justin Bieber Mails Last-Minute Gifts

So, I realize that some people wait til the last minute to mail their gifts, and I get that. Everyone is busy after all, but when Naked Justin Bieber makes me take him to the post office on Christmas Eve and then proceeds to completely goof off while we are there… well, that’s just not alright with me. What a fiasco! Doesn’t he know that if he sits on the scale it’s going to cost more to ship these things?



Naked Justin Bieber is Counting Down the Days

Who’s excited about Christmas? Naked Justin Bieber, of course! I don’t know how he gets up there, but he keeps our Days ‘Till Christmas calendar moving along! Caught him in the act today. Just look at the excitement in his eyes. They’re screaming , “IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!:”

I know! I can hardly contain myself too, Naked Justin Bieber! I can hardly contain myself. justin2days

Naked Justin Bieber Remembers Flashdance

Naked Justin Bieber has always had a thing for Jennifer Beals. He took it a bit to the extreme today when he tried to re-enact her Flashdance water scene using my Keurig. I guess he didn’t realize that water was going to be hot. Ahh well, it’s not like he melted…justinflashdance

Naked Justin Bieber Gets Scolded by Santa

Santa came to visit and Naked Justin Bieber took his place on Santa’s lap only to receive a list of a violations that Santa witnessed while he was watching Naked Justin Bieber while he was sleeping, awake, being bad, being good, and pouting… for goodness sake. I suppose we’ll see just how bad these infractions will affect his gifts when he’s opening them Christmas morning. justinsanta

Naked Justin Bieber Gets Caught Red Handed

Would you look at who is peeking at the gifts under the tree? What kind of person tears open someone else’s present just to see what’s inside? How rude! Good thing I have protective eyes watching the action under there so we’ll know if anything goes missing. Shame on Naked Justin Bieber, the little stinker! justingift

Naked Justin Bieber Gets into Truffles

I could not believe my eyes. I’d spent all day making chocolate and vanilla Christmas truffles and this little troublemaker takes it upon himself to a heaping load of candy all for himself. Needless to say the guilt was written all over his face, hands, and… well, see for yourself! Naked Justin Bieber is a Christmas truffle thief!


Naked Justin Bieber Watches Christmas Movies

Ahhh! There’s nothing like sharing in a holiday movie with someone special. Naked Justin Bieber is spending some quality time with his very, completely dressed gal pal. Is it my imagination or are these two holding hands and watching Frosty the Snowman. So romantic! 20151217_172709