Naked Justin Bieber Takes a Bubble Bath

Ahhh! Time to relax. What’s better than a bubble bath and candlelight? If you’re Naked Justin Bieber, there’s really nothing better… nothing at all… not even pants. Never pants. When you’re Naked Justin Bieber, it’s always time for a bubble bath.


Naked Justin Bieber Invites Santa to Visit

It’s raining today but I hear noises in front of the house. I head outside to find Naked Justin Bieber putting up a reminder for Santa to visit. I told him to come inside this instant! For crying out loud, it’s cold and raining and he doesn’t have an umbrella. 20151214_120921

Naked Justin Bieber Visits Santa

Santa knows when you’re sleeping, when you’re awake, and when you need pants! Naked Justin Bieber shares his wish list with Santa. Santa doesn’t really know what to do with Naked Justin Bieber so he avoids eye contact completely. Even Santa has his limits…