Naked Justin Bieber is Crackalackin!

Nothing says holidays quite like a life size nutcracker. Naked Justin Bieber takes a moment to appreciate the work this nutcracker guard puts into his day job. He protects and serves the business office. NJB feels like this is a great representation of Christmas and wishes you all a happy, productive, yet relaxing Christmas Eve!

Naked Justin Bieber Eats Raw Fish

Mmmmmm! Sushi! Naked Justin Bieber checks out conveyor belt sushi for the very first time. He nommed like crazy on all the spicy tuna and jalapeño rolls. NJB shared his hot green tea with me and it was so warm and relaxing. Nothing like unlimited sushi to prepare your tummy for all the yummy Christmas food that’s just around the corner! 

Naked Justin Bieber Joins Caroling Bears

There’s nothing quite like Christmas carolers… or is there? What could be better at Christmastime? Caroling bears with Naked Justin Bieber of course! Whether NJB is belting out Jingle Bells or Deck the Halls, the important thing to note is that while NJB has no clothing, these bears are fully dressed. That’s how you know they don’t bite. 

Naked Justin Bieber has the Plague

Did you get your flu shot this year? Poor Naked Justin Bieber. He caught the Christmas Plague. His nose is running faster than reindeer about to take flight. Poor NJB has the cough, the sniffles, the fever, and a nose redder than Rudolph. He’s going to take some meds, drink some hot tea, and sleep it off. Hope you’re all feeling well this holiday season! Wash those hands people! Soap is your friend!

Naked Justin Bieber Goes Wine Tasting

Heading out to Vegas is always fun. Naked Justin Bieber took some time out on his Vegas vacation to do some wine tasting. You see NJB here with a lovely Pinot Grigio. After a few swigs of this he started belting out, “All the pinot, pinot grigio girls pour your heart out. Watch your blues turn gold…” We reminded him that he’s not Lady Gaga and to chill out. Secretly, we enjoyed the show, but hey, NJB, remember to keep it classy!

Naked Justin Bieber Enjoys his Beer

Mmmm, beer. Naked Justin Bieber has some favorite beers for sure, but one of his favorite breweries is The Beer Research Institute. He hangs out there whenever he has a chance and enjoys delicious libations such as Morning Sex or Pastry Pays the Bills. He got hold of a stack of B.R.I. stickers and has been sticking them up all over town. NJB thinks that because they are green, they must be a Christmas decoration. In fact, he might think they work like mistletoe the way he’s been pasting them up in spots just above his head and then standing there waiting. Silly NJB, that’s now how that works at all! 

Naked Justin Bieber Still Has Time

My oh my! There are only 11 days til Christmas! Don’t wait til the last minute. Naked Justin Bieber was confused and thought he only had a few days left. He was all set to cave in and just buy all his loved ones some gift cards. Thank goodness NJB thought to look at the calendar. Whew! Gift cards are always a last resort gift unless specifically asked for! Get out there and get shopping! 

Naked Justin Bieber Invites You for a Cup of Joe

It’s the holiday season and it’s cold outside. What better way to warm up than to share a nice hot cup of coffee or hot cocoa with Naked Justin Bieber? He got hold of some festive chalk and a board and well, NJB takes pride in his art. See that snowman? Just look at it. Are you looking at it? It makes you want coffee. Drink the coffee. BE JOLLY! We’re halfway through the month and it’s time to really start the festivities! Coffee and cocoa for everyone!