Naked Bieber is up a Tree

The weather is beautiful in Arizona during the winter. Naked Justin Bieber doesn’t need clothes to go climb a tree outside. He’s staying toasty and warm by the light of the … Christmas light strip around the tree he chose to climb. NJB perched up there for most of the evening to get a better view of the traffic and people wandering the streets of Phoenix. How do you like to spend your evenings? 

Naked Justin Bieber in Sin City

Who doesn’t love Las Vegas? Well, I don’t know, maybe someone, but Naked Justin Bieber definitely appreciates a good time in the casino. He didn’t win big, but NJB had some fun at the slots earlier this summer when he went to the Star Trek Convention. Shortly after this photo was taken, NJB was found sleeping under the slot machine lamenting the loss of his pants. We didn’t think he cared about pants. Did we? 

Naked Justin Bieber Hits the Streets

With all of the Christmas shopping Naked Justin Bieber has to get done, he’s hitting all local shops around town to find the perfect item for each of his loved ones. Not sure how he’s getting them home since his mode of transportation is much larger than he is, but at least NJB is helping the environment by traveling via scooter. Just like the rest of us, he does what he can to help out! 

Naked Justin Bieber Steals my Brunch

Who doesn’t love chicken and waffles? We’re out having a pleasant brunch with friends and I turn around for one minute only to find my fork in the hands of one Naked Justin Bieber. I mean I get it. It’s a delicious brunchy treat, but NJB needs to keep his grubby hands to himself. Whatever happened to No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service eh? 

Sore Feet are No Joke for Naked Justin Bieber

Christmas shopping can be a real pain for Naked Justin Bieber. He’s been window shopping non-stop down at the Arizona Mills trying to find that perfect, one-of-a-kind gift for someone special. But, his naked little NJB tootsies got tired and sore. Unfortunately, he left his last two dollars in his “other” pants… womp womp womp…