Naked Justin Bieber Cooks Christmas Dinner

A home-cooked meal with the family is totally what Naked Justin Bieber is looking forward to tonight. He’s got mashed potato duty. Haha I said “duty”… anyway – He’s aces with the peeler and NJB really knows how to make those potatoes mashy and delicious.

Merry Christmas to all! May you be safe and healthy this holiday season and in the years to come! No matter how you spent your 2020 Christmas, it’s yours and it’s a memory to cherish. No go eat something delicious and fall asleep on that sofa while listening to Mariah croon about how you’re all she really wanted for Christmas!

Naked Justin Bieber Gets Pinterest Crafty

Homemade gifts for Christmas? Naked Justin Bieber Nailed It this year with his hot cocoa gift jars. They are perfect for leaving out for visitors stopping by to drop off treats. NJB is super proud of the candy cane spoons. He doesn’t know how the elves got them in that shape, he thinks it’s doggone genius!
Happy Christmas Eve Everyone!

Naked Justin Bieber Bakes up some Fun!

Naked Justin Bieber knows that there is nothing like home baked goodies… especially around the holidays. We caught NJB in the kitchen spicing up some Gingerbread! Can’t wait to try it. I just hope he washed his hands (and everything else) first.

Naked Justin Bieber and the Horga’hn

Naked Justin Bieber doesn’t need a trip to Risa to get up close and personal with a horga’hn. For those unfamiliar a horgahn is a statuette that serves as a fertility symbol on Risa. Luckily, NJB has found one amongst his Christmas decorations. He sure is spending a lot of time there. I wonder if he’s feeling… fertile? We should definitely keep the reindeer away from that thing.

Naked Justin Bieber Full Speed Ahead!

Naked Justin Bieber hops aboard the Christmas Express – Toot Toot! He brings merry mayhem and Christmas wishes! NJB loves to take a train ride. Don’t tell him that the angel is praying that he doesn’t run over her toes.

Naked Justin Bieber Stuffs Your Stocking

Hey there Buddy!…. oooh Snap, I mean Hey there Naked Justin Bieber… Ahem… I think NJB has been caught in the act stuffing our stockings full of treats and gifts. It is that time of year and he is a generous fellow so really, we shouldn’t be that surprised.

What’s your favorite treat to get in your stocking?

Naked Justin Bieber Builds a House

We all have fun ways to celebrate Christmas and around our house, making gingerbread houses is an annual pastime. Naked Justin Bieber was super excited to get in on the fun this year. To say NJB had a tummy ache the next morning was quite the understatement though. Nothing like chowing down on candy and frosting while naked without a care in the world because you’re Naked Justin Bieber and you can do what you want!

Naked Justin Bieber Floats

Oh the shopping! Oh the baking! Oh the Decorating! Naked Justin Bieber is sore and exhausted from all this holiday preparation. NJB has decided to take a break on his new unicorn floaty in his bubbled-filled hot tub. “Oh yeah… this is the life!” Thankfully he didn’t need his swim trunks…

Naked Justin Bieber Grills Some Burgers

Now that we’re staying home more often, Naked Justin Bieber has really been working on his grilling skills. NJB loves the heat, but sometimes, he feels like maybe he should keep his distance. He loves a nice rare burger right off the grill though! Looks like he’s getting up close and personal with these burgers. I hope they turn out just like he likes them!

How do you like your burger cooked?

Naked Justin Bieber Goes to the Drive-In

Who doesn’t love a fun Christmas movie? With the local theaters closed, however, Naked Justin Bieber set up a Drive-In movie night for him and one of his housemates. Other friends from other rooms of the house were also invited to join in their own vehicles, practicing safe social distancing, of course! NJB loves spending time at the movies and with his friends!

What’s your favorite holiday movie?