Naked Justin Bieber Accidentally Started a Family

Ahh, Naked Justin Bieber, you have some explaining to do. I mean, I get it, she’s a pretty Furby and all, but why’d you have to go feeding her after midnight?

Oh wait, I’m thinking of Gremlins… so how did this happen?
You better start that Christmas shopping if you haven’t already…

NJB's Furby Family

Merry Christmas with Naked Justin Bieber

While it’s that time of year and everyone is posting pictures of their Elf on a Shelf, my house has been plagued with a different variety of scoundrel! Let me introduce you to… Naked Justin Bieber. This morning I caught him tormenting the cats with their new snowman treat dispenser!

Naked Justin Bieber hoarding cat treats

Keeping It Simple

I have a year 5 old daughter. We call her Bug because she loves ladybugs. Every time we get a package in the mail, it might was well be Christmas for her. She doesn’t care about what is in the box (most of the time.) All she wants in the whole world at that moment is the bubble wrap. She will sit on the couch and watch TV and pop it. She will walk around the house and pop one at a time and count each pop. For Christmas, Hubs and I bought a roll of bubble wrap from Wal-Mart for her as a gag gift. It was her absolute favorite. Second place favorite went to a bag of pink balloons that my mother-in-law got for her. She loves to see how big she can get the balloon to blow up before it either pops, or she cant blow anymore.

A few weeks ago I was at Wal-Mart and noticed that they had purple colored bubble wrap. Why? I have no idea. But I grabbed a roll for $5 for Bug. The conversation was as follows
“Mom, whats that?”
“Its for you.”
“Is that….. bubble wrap??!!”
“And…. its PURPLE?!”
“Thank you mommy! That’s the best!!”
Two minutes later there was 20 feet of purple bubble wrap rolled down our hallway and Bug and both of our dogs were running up and down the hall chasing eachother and making all the noise.

There have been multiple times that I am stressed out and tired because adulting isn’t always fun, but then as I move through the house I will inevitably find bubble wrap somewhere and think that it really is the simple things that make us the happiest. A roll of bubble wrap, a package of balloons, a coloring book, time spent playing video games with the kids. Knowing that my kids are happy with the simple things makes my life easier as an adult that has to pay bills. I am grateful for bubble wrap and balloons. It reminds me to have some fun and enjoy the simple things.