Naked Justin Bieber Counts the Days With Chocolate

Up to his old shenanigans, Naked Justin Bieber has been caught again trying to steal chocolates, but this time it’s from the kids’ advent calendars! Shame on you, NJB! Stealing candy from children. Tsk tsk and all that! 

Naked Justin Bieber Gets the Mail

I get that Naked Justin Bieber is totes excited about Christmas, but today I found him hiding out IN THE MAILBOX outside opening my first Christmas card received this year. Seriously, NJB, have some patience.  Nothing like opening your mailbox and finding this inside, let me tell ya!

Giddyup Naked Justin Bieber

It was a cool and breezy night when Naked Justin Bieber decided to trek throughout the house. I don’t know why it’s breezy in the house. Stop asking questions… So he mounted the first possible vehicle he could find. NJB would like to introduce you to Petri, the Puggle. Petri was calm and collected as she fled this way and that at NJB’s confusing commands, but eventually the two came to terms with their journey and ended it on a note of happiness while sharing a cup of coffee and some delicious homemade eggnog biscotti. It was a very good journey indeed. NJB and Petri

Naked Justin Bieber *IS* the Christmas Tree

It’s been a busy busy season already. As such, we haven’t yet put up our Christmas lights yet. We’re getting there. Naked Justin Bieber, however, is impatient. I found him today not putting up the tree, but in fact, being the tree. Standing in the center of the tree skirt, NJB has adorned himself with ornaments. I get the hint dude, I get it… soon… soon there will be a tree. NJB is the tree

Naked Justin Bieber Enjoys the Fountain

What’s more exhilarating than taking a dip in a beautiful fountain? Well, doing it at Christmastime while naked in public, obviously. Just ask Naked Justin Bieber. Here he’s seen enjoying a relaxing evening under one of the lovely Christmas Trees at Dana Park . The fountain, the trees, the crisp (Arizona) winter air…. the combination lends itself to the beautiful backdrop for a quick breather beneath the stars. Savor the moment with NJB, won’t you?

NJB in a Fountain

Naked Justin Bieber Has a Run-in with JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!!!

Wait… wait wait wait… Naked Justin Bieber, did you hi-jack my phone? Seriously, you so did NOT get a selfie with John Cena. Nobody believes you, NJB. I think it’s photo-shopped.

Did you get an autograph? Do not use my phone again without my permission. NJB and JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!

Naked Justin Bieber Accidentally Started a Family

Ahh, Naked Justin Bieber, you have some explaining to do. I mean, I get it, she’s a pretty Furby and all, but why’d you have to go feeding her after midnight?

Oh wait, I’m thinking of Gremlins… so how did this happen?
You better start that Christmas shopping if you haven’t already…

NJB's Furby Family

Giddyup Arctic Fox, Naked Justin Bieber’s Ready to Ride

With the Christmas season upon us, we are enjoying a new lawn ornament chosen by my daughter. This lovely light-up arctic fox was exactly what she wanted. Turns out it’s a bit too delicate for the outdoors, so we put it in the picture window inside. Didn’t take long before we found Naked Justin Bieber trying to persuade the new decoration to take him for a joyride around the house. Silly NJB, lawn ornaments aren’t for riding. Maybe he was trying to escape?

Artic Fox

Merry Christmas with Naked Justin Bieber

While it’s that time of year and everyone is posting pictures of their Elf on a Shelf, my house has been plagued with a different variety of scoundrel! Let me introduce you to… Naked Justin Bieber. This morning I caught him tormenting the cats with their new snowman treat dispenser!

Naked Justin Bieber hoarding cat treats