PodCampAZ 2011 – OMG! November 12 and 13!

In addition to the great information below! I’d like to announce that I will be hosting (for the 5th year) the PodCampAZ Live Stream! (Station information to be announced later.)

But even better than me, is my co-host! The one and only Scott Josephson will be joining me in the madcap adventures of hosting the PodCampAZ Live Stream! We’ll have interviews and probably be giving away some amazing prizes. I mean, that’s why you tune in right? Cool people, cool prizes!?

If you’d like to reserve a spot on the stream to get your product, website, personality out there! You can email me at Gmail – username: Twinklergirl

Can I get a woo hoo?

ScottyJ and Cj with Jody Gnant - PodCampAZ 2008



PodCampAZ, now in its 5th year, is pretty awesome, but we need people like you to let everyone else know. We’ll have FOUR genius panels, TWO parties and ONE new feature that’s NEVER BEEN ATTEMPTED at PodCampAZ before.

If you’re new, fret not. We’ll still be offering intro to podcasting, blogging, social media and any other kind of relevant media we can come up with–think everything but TV and Radio–along with a host of volunteers whose sole purpose is to teach others.

New or experienced, you can help us out. Post this to your blog, Facebook notes page or in an email to all your friends. Tell them to pre-register, nominate speakers or volunteer.

PodCampAZ 2011 will be held November 12-13, from 9am(ish) to 3pm(ish) at the University for Advancing Technology.

See you there!

PodCampAZ 2011

November 12-13, University of Advancing Technology

9am to 3pm



Wednesday W00t

So, I happen to be in love with Woot.com.
I would marry this website if I were available and it were legal.
THAT kind of love.

That being said – I am sufficiently addicted to Woot.com shirts which can be found at http://shirt.woot.com
I own 3 Woot shirts (at the time of this post) and my kids have several more between them. Our collection is growing.

I was lucky enough to attend San Diego Comicon this year with the lovely Spellwight, Debbie Walker. While we were there, I kept saying to Debbie, “Look at all the Woot shirts.” Finally, she told me to start taking pictures of them. So I did. I’ve been collecting pictures of people wearing the shirts and am going to post them here. So, without further adieu or description, here is the first shirt:

This is Wil Wheaton wearing the Woot shirt titled @-@. I choose this as my first shirt to feature because not only do I own it, but it’s currently my all time favorite Woot Shirt and, it’s the one I get the most comments on when I wear it out in public.