Naked Justin Bieber Dances with an Elf

Christmastime is Naked Justin Bieber’s favorite time of year, obviously. He loves to get down and boogie to holiday music everywhere he hears it. He was dancing around the tree the other day when NJB noticed a good friend nearby. His friend’s name is Buddy and they hang out at the office together on occasion. Ever since the holiday decorations went up and the Christmas tunes started, the two of them can often be found dancing the day away together!

Naked Justin Bieber Helps Fix the Car

Taking Naked Justin Bieber out on the town for great photo ops requires a dependable vehicle. When the s̶l̶e̶i̶g̶h̶… car started making some weird noises, NJB took it to his favorite mechanic who was kind enough to let NJB under the hood to help with repairs. Now that the car is running better, he’s in the garage looking for the annual car-antlers to make traveling more festive!

Naked Justin Bieber Enjoys Discount Candy Day

Mmmm Candy!
Naked Justin Bieber hit the Dum Dum motherload and you can see he’s overjoyed. NJB loves discount candy day and friends who give him candy. He also loves eating candy and sitting around in bowls of candy.
Because CANDY!!!
And also Roasted Turkey Pringles?

Naked Justin Bieber Tries to Make a Friend

At the office today, Naked Justin Bieber was introduced to our newest employee. This is Bodie. Bodie is about 8 weeks old and is just getting to know everyone around here. NJB was insistent that he be introduced to our newest team member right away, but Bodie was not too sure about NJB and was very hesitant to get to know him. Eventually things settled down and the two friends decided to take a nap. It was a Christmas miracle… or something.

Naked Justin Bieber Meets Buddy the Elf

Time to take in our first Christmas movie of the season. Naked Justin Bieber went with a good friend for her birthday celebration at Alamo Drafthouse Tempe where NJB was super excited to meet one of his idols, Buddy the Elf! A great time was had by all. Buddy and NJB got along so well together, I think there are plans for a maple syrup and spaghetti party in their near future. Yeah, you read that right. Happy Holidays everyone!

Naked Justin Bieber is Crackalackin!

Nothing says holidays quite like a life size nutcracker. Naked Justin Bieber takes a moment to appreciate the work this nutcracker guard puts into his day job. He protects and serves the business office. NJB feels like this is a great representation of Christmas and wishes you all a happy, productive, yet relaxing Christmas Eve!

Naked Justin Bieber Eats Raw Fish

Mmmmmm! Sushi! Naked Justin Bieber checks out conveyor belt sushi for the very first time. He nommed like crazy on all the spicy tuna and jalapeño rolls. NJB shared his hot green tea with me and it was so warm and relaxing. Nothing like unlimited sushi to prepare your tummy for all the yummy Christmas food that’s just around the corner! 

Naked Justin Bieber Joins Caroling Bears

There’s nothing quite like Christmas carolers… or is there? What could be better at Christmastime? Caroling bears with Naked Justin Bieber of course! Whether NJB is belting out Jingle Bells or Deck the Halls, the important thing to note is that while NJB has no clothing, these bears are fully dressed. That’s how you know they don’t bite. 

Naked Justin Bieber has the Plague

Did you get your flu shot this year? Poor Naked Justin Bieber. He caught the Christmas Plague. His nose is running faster than reindeer about to take flight. Poor NJB has the cough, the sniffles, the fever, and a nose redder than Rudolph. He’s going to take some meds, drink some hot tea, and sleep it off. Hope you’re all feeling well this holiday season! Wash those hands people! Soap is your friend!