Naked Justin Bieber Bakes up some Fun!

Naked Justin Bieber knows that there is nothing like home baked goodies… especially around the holidays. We caught NJB in the kitchen spicing up some Gingerbread! Can’t wait to try it. I just hope he washed his hands (and everything else) first.

Naked Justin Bieber and the Horga’hn

Naked Justin Bieber doesn’t need a trip to Risa to get up close and personal with a horga’hn. For those unfamiliar a horgahn is a statuette that serves as a fertility symbol on Risa. Luckily, NJB has found one amongst his Christmas decorations. He sure is spending a lot of time there. I wonder if he’s feeling… fertile? We should definitely keep the reindeer away from that thing.

Naked Justin Bieber Full Speed Ahead!

Naked Justin Bieber hops aboard the Christmas Express – Toot Toot! He brings merry mayhem and Christmas wishes! NJB loves to take a train ride. Don’t tell him that the angel is praying that he doesn’t run over her toes.

Naked Justin Bieber Stuffs Your Stocking

Hey there Buddy!…. oooh Snap, I mean Hey there Naked Justin Bieber… Ahem… I think NJB has been caught in the act stuffing our stockings full of treats and gifts. It is that time of year and he is a generous fellow so really, we shouldn’t be that surprised.

What’s your favorite treat to get in your stocking?

Naked Justin Bieber Warms up at Panera

There is nothing quite like the perfect cup of hot cocoa to warm your Christmas Spirit! Naked Justin Bieber stopped in at Panera with a couple friends to try out their hot cocoa and he was not disappointed. Just look at those delicious marshmallows. We all know that NJB loves whipped cream! Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Enjoy your friends, family, and all the treats that come with the holiday!

Naked Justin Bieber Plays with Food

MMMMmmmmm Avocado Egg Rolls are one of Naked Justin Bieber’s favorite treats. NJB was hanging out with a girlfriend last week for dinner where he noshed on one of his favorites. He’s a true gentleman and though you can’t see it here, he did put a napkin on his lap. He’s not a savage in a restaurant after all.

Naked Justin Bieber is an Oily Beau Hunk

Thinking one day helping hold a wrench makes him a mechanic, Naked Justin Bieber has been hanging out at the local AutoZone taking notes. Sometimes he asks people if they need help. Tells them he’s a pro at wrench-holding. Generally they just look at him funny and walk away, but there was this one guy who needed an oil change and he sent NJB back to pick up some bottles of oil for him. The look on NJB’s face says it all…

Naked Justin Bieber Rents a Movie

Oh. My. Gosh! Naked Justin Bieber is super excited for Toy Story 4. He nearly jumped out of the car to rent the movie when he saw it available at Redbox. NJB loves the Pixar films, especially the shorts. His favorite is Day and Night. I bet that’s because they also don’t wear clothes.

Naked Justin Bieber Sits on Wood

Baby, it’s cold outside, but Naked Justin Bieber doesn’t seem to notice. Gotta pick up a few things at the grocery store, NJB? Guess that’ll have to wait til you cover up. Maybe NJB should start investing in that curbside pickup all the grocery stores have now. Either that, or he can just continue keeping the firewood warm.

Naked Justin Bieber Helps Fix the Car

Taking Naked Justin Bieber out on the town for great photo ops requires a dependable vehicle. When the s̶l̶e̶i̶g̶h̶… car started making some weird noises, NJB took it to his favorite mechanic who was kind enough to let NJB under the hood to help with repairs. Now that the car is running better, he’s in the garage looking for the annual car-antlers to make traveling more festive!