Naked Justin Bieber Grills Some Burgers

Now that we’re staying home more often, Naked Justin Bieber has really been working on his grilling skills. NJB loves the heat, but sometimes, he feels like maybe he should keep his distance. He loves a nice rare burger right off the grill though! Looks like he’s getting up close and personal with these burgers. I hope they turn out just like he likes them!

How do you like your burger cooked?

Naked Justin Bieber Goes to the Drive-In

Who doesn’t love a fun Christmas movie? With the local theaters closed, however, Naked Justin Bieber set up a Drive-In movie night for him and one of his housemates. Other friends from other rooms of the house were also invited to join in their own vehicles, practicing safe social distancing, of course! NJB loves spending time at the movies and with his friends!

What’s your favorite holiday movie?

Naked Justin Bieber Gets Some Snuggles

It’s cold this time of year and what better way to warm up than snuggles with a bestie. Naked Justin Bieber shares his home with Mage. She’s always up for adventure, but when it’s time to relax, NJB and Mage can usually be found snuggling up somewhere watching Christmas movies and dreaming of the days they could go out and see their friends! They are always thankful that they have one another.

Naked Justin Bieber super appreciates Mage’s willingness to be on camera and he hopes you’ve enjoyed meeting her!

Naked Justin Bieber: The 2020 Edition

Naked Justin Bieber hopes you’re surviving the year. 2020 has been quite a change from what we’re used to. NJB was worried we wouldn’t be able to go out in public for many photos this year, and he’s right. On occasion we will find ourselves out in the world and we’re all sure to mask-up and be considerate of those around us!

For his first trick this year, NJB decided to just go lie outside on the pavement. It’s not Christmassy or exciting, but gosh darnit, people like him.
We look forward to some fun holiday photos over the next few weeks.

If you have a 2020 suggestion for NJB – pop it in the comments. You never know what could happen!

Naked Justin Bieber Enjoys Discount Candy Day

Mmmm Candy!
Naked Justin Bieber hit the Dum Dum motherload and you can see he’s overjoyed. NJB loves discount candy day and friends who give him candy. He also loves eating candy and sitting around in bowls of candy.
Because CANDY!!!
And also Roasted Turkey Pringles?

Naked Justin Bieber Meets Buddy the Elf

Time to take in our first Christmas movie of the season. Naked Justin Bieber went with a good friend for her birthday celebration at Alamo Drafthouse Tempe where NJB was super excited to meet one of his idols, Buddy the Elf! A great time was had by all. Buddy and NJB got along so well together, I think there are plans for a maple syrup and spaghetti party in their near future. Yeah, you read that right. Happy Holidays everyone!

Naked Justin Bieber shows you Things you don’t Need

Another Christmas day has come and gone and Naked Justin Bieber has a message for you about what you DO NOT need this year or in the years to follow…
“Negativity,” NJB says, “is what you don’t need in your life!”
You thought he was going to say Elf on the Shelf right? Naaahhh… There’s room for both of these fun guys in your life every year! Enjoy and delight in the happiness of family, friends, and the Spirit of Christmas!
Just remember, above all else, to have fun!

It’s almost New Years Eve, so there’s still time to get out there and get crazy, but you  know, the safe kind of crazy… not Naked Justin Bieber crazy!
Also, Peeps? What kind of Easter/Christmas madness is this? Go away Peeps, you’re drunk!

Merry Christmas!

Naked Justin Bieber is Nuts about Christmas Eve

Awwww Nuts!!!
Happy Christmas Eve from Naked Justin Bieber! Thank you for joining NJB again for his third year of Christmas fun! The year isn’t over yet! Don’t you worry… Naked Justin Bieber still has some fun photos of this holiday season to share with you. One day left! One day left!

Santa will be here any second! As always, NJB just wants one new pair of pants.
Who are we kidding? He’d never put them on anyway…

Naked Justin Bieber Sees A Christmas Story

What better Christmas movie is there? Not one with a leg lamp, let me tell you! Naked Justin Bieber took in a holiday movie and had a beer and some popcorn at the local Alamo Drafthouse. The movie party included glasses, ears, and some Lifebouy soap – which you know NJB will likely have his dirty mouth washed out with later. Neutrogena is much more palatable, but we won’t go into details as to why we know this is true.

Deck the Balls with Naked Justin Bieber

Every year, Naked Justin Bieber likes to take a journey to the Tempe Marketplace to see the giant tree. This year, as you can see, he got a bit carried away! “Get me closer to the balls!” he kept insisting. Who am I to ruin someone’s Christmas spirit! You can be one with the balls, NJB… be one with the balls…