Naked Justin Bieber Invites Santa to Visit

It’s raining today but I hear noises in front of the house. I head outside to find Naked Justin Bieber putting up a reminder for Santa to visit. I told him to come inside this instant! For crying out loud, it’s cold and raining and he doesn’t have an umbrella. 20151214_120921

Naked Justin Bieber is Not Cool

This morning I found Naked Justin Bieber trying to hang with all the cool kids on the shelf. He failed miserably and they quickly cast him off the ledge and he was later found wedged behind the sofa in a pool of his own tears. I was able to get this photo before Duck-N-Furter demonstrated his great displeasure. (One would have thought he’d enjoy Naked Justin Bieber – but I guess even he isn’t a Belieber these days.) Or maybe it was Sansa who pushed him… Maybe she’s just put up with enough crap in her life already. Who’d blame her, really?

Naked Justin Bieber isn't one of the cool kids
Naked Justin Bieber isn’t one of the cool kids

Merry Christmas with Naked Justin Bieber

While it’s that time of year and everyone is posting pictures of their Elf on a Shelf, my house has been plagued with a different variety of scoundrel! Let me introduce you to… Naked Justin Bieber. This morning I caught him tormenting the cats with their new snowman treat dispenser!

Naked Justin Bieber hoarding cat treats