Naked Justin Bieber Christmas Shops Online

With Christmas rapidly approaching, Naked Justin Bieber is prepared to do as much shopping online as possible. NJB spends much of his time at home these days. You’d think he’d be sporting some pajamas or yoga pants, but he prefers to don his usual attire whether at home or heading out. “Be yourself,” he says. “Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t or should wear.”

You do you, Naked Justin Bieber. You do you.

Naked Justin Bieber Sits on Wood

Baby, it’s cold outside, but Naked Justin Bieber doesn’t seem to notice. Gotta pick up a few things at the grocery store, NJB? Guess that’ll have to wait til you cover up. Maybe NJB should start investing in that curbside pickup all the grocery stores have now. Either that, or he can just continue keeping the firewood warm.

Naked Justin Bieber Poppin’ Tags…

No shame in doing your holiday shopping where most things are 99 cents according to Naked Justin Bieber. You’ll find him poppin’ tags wherever the Christmas Spirit takes him. He’s not scared to really get caught up in his holiday shopping either. Hope you’re having a ball this Christmas, you know NJB certainly is…