Naked Justin Bieber Tries His Moves on Jyn Erso

It seems that when it comes to the Star Wars Universe, Naked Justin Bieber always comes up a little short. A stormtrooper NJB is not. Jyn doesn’t seem to mind, but it’s hard to tell for sure… she’s so stoic after all.

Naked Justin Bieber Saw Rogue One Already – Have You?

Along with my co-workers, I was invited to a private screening of the new Rogue One movie. Of course Naked Justin Bieber had to tag along. So just know that if you haven’t been out to the theater yet to catch this ZOMGOSHTHISISSOAMAZING of a movie, NJB beat you to it. Is that really how to you want live?


Wednesday W00t

So, I happen to be in love with
I would marry this website if I were available and it were legal.
THAT kind of love.

That being said – I am sufficiently addicted to shirts which can be found at
I own 3 Woot shirts (at the time of this post) and my kids have several more between them. Our collection is growing.

I was lucky enough to attend San Diego Comicon this year with the lovely Spellwight, Debbie Walker. While we were there, I kept saying to Debbie, “Look at all the Woot shirts.” Finally, she told me to start taking pictures of them. So I did. I’ve been collecting pictures of people wearing the shirts and am going to post them here. So, without further adieu or description, here is the first shirt:

This is Wil Wheaton wearing the Woot shirt titled @-@. I choose this as my first shirt to feature because not only do I own it, but it’s currently my all time favorite Woot Shirt and, it’s the one I get the most comments on when I wear it out in public.